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help i can’t stop

help i can’t stop

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1, 29, ans 7!


7. Stale Cupcakes!

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5 and 10!




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Registration is Open!





Click here to join!

Flight Rising is the game I have been illustrating for of late. It’s a browser-based game where players can breed, raise, and battle dragons.We are having a 24 hour registration window where new users can join!

I am so excited for new players!

One more reminder that FR is open for registration today (April 14)

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hello!! i didnt see a faq and iw as wondering what brushing settings you use and what program?



weh I really should set up a FAQ.  thanks for looking, though. c:  I use SAI.  on brush 1, I switch between the fine flat brush texture and the simple rounded default setting.  I have to up the dilution setting if I go to the default round (to about 66) and I lower it when it’s on flat.  it’ll all depend on your tablet sensitivity/preference.  I hope this helps?

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anekicrossing’s mayor ana.  c:  she’s super nice and has a pretty neat AC blog.
hope you like it!


anekicrossing’s mayor ana.  c:  she’s super nice and has a pretty neat AC blog.

hope you like it!

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37 and 41 for the AC questions!


37: Favorite deer villager - Fuchsia

I’m so happy I have fuchsia in my town. ; u;

41: Favorite octopus villager - Zucker

I never really paid much attention to the octopi, but I guess I’d like this qt in my village

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